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Search Your Mother Could Use…

By - February 10, 2004

Dan Gillmor points us to Soople, a search tool which seems destined to wear out its 1000-search-a-day API limit over at Google. The engine rides on top of Google and makes that engine’s advanced features easier to use.

From the About page: (Soople is) a site that softens all the fantastic (advanced) functions Google offers. Initially I made this site for my mother, who, though computer-savvy, still didn’t know about all the possibilities Google offers.

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3 thoughts on “Search Your Mother Could Use…

  1. Jeff Kang says:

    Here’s another Google tool fun site:

  2. It doesn’t look like it’s using the API, just using cutomised easy to use forms with the appropriate tags to get google to do the correct type of search.