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Patents – Simmering Under the Surface…

By - February 25, 2004

It’s good to know there’s a reporter out there covering this space who has an institutional memory. Stefanie Olsen reminds us of the importance of patents in the search game, and in particular of the simmering litigation between Google and Yahoo. She also includes this gem in her round up: “ has also laid claim to a patent that could affect search-related advertising. In March, it updated an application for a method of auctioning off ads that appear on a Web page.” I’m going to see Udi, who runs A9, later this week. I am sure interesting things are coming out of that shop.

PS – if you’re a patent watcher, head to Gary’s site, where he posts search related patents on a monthly basis

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3 thoughts on “Patents – Simmering Under the Surface…

  1. Udi’s a cool guy. They’re working on some excellent stuff. You can count on that.

  2. Tim says:

    Anything public to post about your conversations at A9? I’m chatting with some folks there myself, and would be interested in your take.

  3. Sorry about that…My trip to A9 got reskedded to next week…will have an update then!