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News, Rumor Roundup

By - February 25, 2004

Off the Berkeley for the day to teach, but a few things worth pointing you toward.

First, the rumors are flying again about Jeeves being in play. CBS Marketwatch is fueling them, saying AOL might buy the company and drop Google. I don’t think so, but you never know. Andy Beal has a nice interview with Ask’s VP of Tech in today’s SEW.

As long as we’re talking rumours, my ruminations on FindWhat brought up some interesting private email, and one of them led me to thinking that, in the end, it might make a lot of sense for FindWhat to bulk up by merging with LookSmart, which is obviously hurting since its loss of MSN. What do you think?

Lastly, AP reports on Eurekster and other challengers to the search giants. Includes mentions of Grokker and Feedster, and quotes from Googlefolk claiming they are “watching the innovations” and will respond this year with their own.

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