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Cool Recommendation Service

By - February 06, 2004

Based on tech from a company called Choicestream, is a free online service that uses a melange of approaches to grok what entertainment you might like and make recommendations. AOL has incorporated this into its 9.0 service; it’s informing to the concept of personalized search in general. I’ve signed up and plan to compare its recommendations to TiVo’s.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Recommendation Service

  1. Brian S. says:

    Unless this is just a hobby, I do not see this service as a business model, unless they plan on selling the data to Nielsen, which might enrage users concerned about privacy.

  2. Jeff Coyle says:

    Another site like this one,

    Basically centered around predicting good movies for you to rent…Trivial, but the suggestions are not all that bad.

  3. Dmitry says:

    And, *another* one movie recommendation system – Currently gives predictions whether you’ll like or dislike for about 500 movies. And every day (as number of users grows) it gives more and more predictions.