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And Your Point Is?

By - February 27, 2004

nytlogoleft_article.gifA soft-shouldered editorial in the NYT today from Verlyn Klinkenborg, an author who is also on the editorial board of the New York Times, and writes the occasional “editorial observer” column for the paper. As I was recently reminded by a good friend, it’s wise to step back and remember who the audience is for these kinds of things, as opposed to jumping all over the Times every chance that comes up. So, having done that, I still don’t quite get what this editorial adds…in the end, it says that Google is really important and that it won’t go away, and summarizes all the things Times readers already know about the company. He concludes that the Internet is, contrary to what he thought some years ago, quite useful, in large part thanks to Google. Well, welcome to the party, Verlyn. Glad you’re aboard.

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2 thoughts on “And Your Point Is?

  1. Carlos Roche says:

    Hello all

    Like Mr. Battelle said, welcome to the party Verlyn. Google is also my favorite search engine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay forever.

    Change is the only perpetual thing in this game, and it changes fast Verlyn, very fast.

  2. peter says:

    newspapers are the new history books: a retrospective look at what people that lived through it already know much better and outdated as soon as they are published.