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Yahoo Wants the Innovation Mantle Back, Thank You Very Much…

By - January 19, 2004

lYlabsogo.gifIt was bound to happen – Yahoo announced today its own research labs. The labs live here. Seems this is the old Overture research warmed once over, their too-short list of research projects include Nutch, which was supported by Overture (I wrote an early piece on Nutch here). I’ve been on Yahoo for a while, even back before the Overture days, to take a leading role in search and internet technology innovation. I’m not entirely wowed by this unveiling. The second project, Cluster Graphing, linked to a 404 error. The “Concept Discovery” research is important, however. Let’s hope this is more than just a press release…though at first glance, it kind of looks that way.

Google Labs, for comparison….

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  • Jeremy Zawodny

    Well, hey, at least it has an RSS feed.

    Oh, wait. No it doesn’t.