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Yahoo Getting Into RSS Aggregation Game

By - January 09, 2004

While I was down in the Valley Weds. I heard word that Yahoo’s aggregator was up and running. But then I couldn’t find it when I got home. Seems they put up a brief beta in MyYahoo, then brought it back down again. has a story on it…”Insiders at Yahoo confirmed the plan to add an aggregator as a module within the ‘My Yahoo’ section but described the public appearance of the beta Wednesday as an accident.”

Also of note, NewsGator has a new service to push RSS onto mobile devices.

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One thought on “Yahoo Getting Into RSS Aggregation Game

  1. NewsGator has taken a serious leap over the competition in this race. They have answered all of the biggest questions about RSS aggregation and usability in one go:
    – web-based client
    – sync subscriptions with different devices/clients
    – premium subscriptions (disclosure: InfoWorld is a content provider for that service)
    – search for feeds
    – integrate with customer’s mail client (well, Outlook…this was the original premise of the app)

    Lots of vendors are out there doing these things, but nobody is doing all of them. And from what I’ve seen…it all works! Well done, Greg.