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By - January 26, 2004

I found Grandaddy by using Amazon’s collaborative filtering technology – when I bought a Flaming Lips album on the advice of a friend, the Amazon filter said “folks who bought ‘Yoshimi…’ also bought…” I bit, and am glad I did. Now, take this idea to search, at least in a way. Thanks to Scoble for this gem: MusicPlasma. More proof of what can be done on top of a search platform. This takes a Grokker-like interface to show how your musical tastes relate. Type in one band you love and it will show you others you’d like. You can drill down in sort of a Venn diagram-driven search – say “Radiohead” then “The Shins”. As far as I can tell, this is built on the Amazon API (perhaps someone more astute than I can figure this out?). This is why, as I will say again, Yahoo and Google should really rev up their API programs.

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  • tim

    geez, you coulda just asked me. ;P

    there is a layer of editorial/human filtering that’s really necessary (and missing) in most of this, which is why Amazon’s muliple filtering strategies are so great.

    In examining a “The Shins” search, for example, it’d be nice to know that Doug Martsch is the frontman for Built to Spill (admittedly a close pair on the graph), or that Ugly Casanova is a Modest Mouse side project (not so close on graph).

  • Jason McCabe Calacanis

    Yoshimi is amazing. There are also a ton of live tracks on LimeWire you should pick up!

  • Jeremy Zawodny

    That reminds me, it’s time to beat the API drum (or horse?) again…

  • Jean-Philippe

    Maybe this kind of tools if good for dummy discovery, or exploring a fresh domain. But the Amazon DB is far from being complete in music, or if you really want to harvest a musical domain.
    I wish all music retailers would use a kind of Amazon API. We would be able to share DB-sources, and, most important, Amazon wouldn’t say that I could love a product I already own, bought at the for example.
    Personally, I discovered the Flaming Lips via Russell Beattie Notebook, blogs are everywhere ;-)

  • Mohammad Abed

    What about a combination of Amazon, MusicBrainz, FreeDB, and user’s would upload the metadata of music they own, this would make a nice semantic soup, I meant semantic web.

  • Tony Two Tone

    The ultimate music database is over at Related artists, influences/followers, where born? where died? when formed? ratings, bios, reviews, cover art, and streams. It is so complete… I would not be surprised if musicplasma was based on the database.