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By - January 02, 2004

ungoogleI suppose it had to happen. “Ungoogle” is a meta-search engine is that uses the “major search engines besides Google.” I can’t find anything else on the site to tell me who is behind this, save a reference to the “Hound Internet Family of Search Engines” which a quick Google search shows will return you to the same page with a few different URLs. (Found via the Google Blogoscoped site.)

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7 thoughts on “"Ungoogle"

  1. Just to let you know, I added your blog to

    Search Headlines

    Keep it up!

  2. Looks like some guy named John Quigly, originally in CT, and now in Sacramento, is behind it; originally, and always some sort of metasearch site.

  3. Brenden says:

    I can’t find UnGoolge!!!

  4. New says: is for sale!

  5. Katrina Onufer says:

    Keep it up

  6. Katrina Onufer says:

    It is never to late to fullfill your dreams.

  7. Katrina Onufer says:

    Katrina S. Onufer
    wants to thank you John for all that you do.