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TiVo makes Interesting Move

By - January 27, 2004

TiVo disclosed late last week that it has purchased Strangeberry, MediaPost reports. Strangeberry was the company founded by key ex-Marimba employees to do home networking/broadband stuff. So far no clarity on how the peanut butter and chocolate will mix, but I sense it will be pretty cool. Strangeberry was doing a lot of work using Apple’s Rendezvous wireless networking technology. Blog rumours say look for a kick-ass home-server kitchen-sink type box.

TiVo’s SEC filing w/r/t the purchase. More via PVRBlog…

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2 thoughts on “TiVo makes Interesting Move

  1. Slashdot and PVR Blog linked to the picture on my site, but most of the information got lost in the translation. So I added an English update about Strangeberry:

  2. gabe says:

    For clarification purposes, Rendezvous is not wireless technology, it is an implementation of an open standard called ZeroConf, which like Apple’s prior network configuration system, AppleTalk, allows computers and other network devices and software to automatically detect each other over any network medium (so long as it’s IP-based). It broadcasts data to the entire network using DNS packets (the format fit the needs, why reinvent the wheel?) to discover others and alert them to its presence.