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The Times Notices Google Bombing

By - January 22, 2004

And does a fine job, noting interesting, lesser known examples. Sheesh, Circuits might actually be getting better – this week anyway they seem to be more focused on culture/policy and less focused on gadgets. Good move.

The piece covers the SEO world, quotes Danny, talks about other engines as well. Apparently some libertarians are hard at work making the IRS the #1 SERP for the phrase “organized crime.” They have a way to go.

An interesting meme in the piece: The growing popularity of Google bombing can’t be a welcome development for a company that is expected to begin selling stock to the public in a few months.

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One thought on “The Times Notices Google Bombing

  1. Andy Baio says:

    Adam Mathes, who coined the term “Google bombing,” was somewhat less pleased with the article.