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Davos: Joi and Sergey Talk Blog

By - January 23, 2004

Joi Ito is at Davos, as are a lot of folks (including Orville, my Dean at Berkeley). About this time I get Davos regret, as I am invited each year but simply don’t want to spend the dough, nor (this year) do I want be that far from my new baby. I went in 2001, when I was a GLT, and I am sure I’ll go again, once things settle down here. In any case, this post from Joi was interesting, as he teased out some thoughts from Sergey on the role blogs play in PageRank (net net: Sergey doesn’t think they should be treated as distinct from any other web page). Davos also had a panel on blogging, Joi has a post on that here.

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