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By - January 20, 2004

On some level, you have to love this: A porn search engine. If only it worked. I crashed it on a search for “sex,” tried again, and got 291 results – 291! Don’t even try more sophisticated fare, there are few results to speak of. It’s a great idea, poorly executed, and with a terrible name – Booble – that’s derivative *and* sophomoric. The lawyers over at Google must be sharpening their knives, because the trade dress ripoffs alone warrant a bigfoot letter, if not more. Booble’s put out a press release, lightheartedly claiming they are parodying Google, but they also claim the engine actually works. It’s a directory of sorts – the release claims they’ve added 6000 sites that are vetted by human editors, but …really. Note to Fleshbot: This is a good idea poorly executed – get on this asap!

(Thanks to the folks at Boing Boing for the pointer).

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3 thoughts on “Booble

  1. Steve says:


    This site rocks. It’s much better than yours!

    Your blog is not better than your magazine was.



  2. SAB says:

    While I agree Booble’s site is poorly executed, maybe because it was developed in a few days, their PR is well executed but as sleazy as their porn.

    Designed with a striking resembleance to Google, a new pornography search engine was launched on January 20. was hit with so much traffic just 24 hours after its launch that its servers went down temporarily, trying to serve over 100,000 requests. How was this

  3. Dylan K says:

    I agree, Booble was a cool idea but horribly executed. There are a few sites since then which actually *work*. I think the two most popular are EveKnows and AskJolene, though I’m sure there are others.