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The RSS Naming Party: Chunky or Smooth?

By - December 09, 2003

Clearly Searchblog’s most popular post of all time (OK, so we’re only a month old) is this one, in which we attempted to take Scott Rosenberg up on his challenge for a better name for RSS. There is even a contest happening over at another site, and I am sure this meme will evolve for some time to come. So far the conversation has included names as far fetched as “chunkyweb” (the web was plain, RSS makes it chunky), Feedcast (which I rather like), Flow (which prompted some interesting comments about gushing loins), Readster (more of a product name), and a thought that perhaps what we are really looking for is a better name for the Semantic Web. I say, keep on talking. It’s fun to whiteboard ideas this way.

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