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Note: Column Upload to Commence

By - December 15, 2003

Yeah, I’ve been threatening to post the past year’s Business 2.0 columns, and I’m about to start. I’ve decided to post then in sequence as full text posts to the home page, then classify them as “Columns” using Moveable Type’s “Categories” tools. That way, once they’ve moved off the home page, they will live forever under a “Columns” link on the left. This way, future columns can be posted and added to the list automatically.

(As long as I’m posting site notes, if you can’t see a picture in the upper left hand corner, make your browser wider by pulling the lower right hand corner to the right till the picture shows up….ahh, that’s better).

So take note, a blizzard of posts (well, about a dozen or so) will follow, and you may want to simply ignore them for the next little while.

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