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LinkedIn+Vertical Blogs = Interesting Microcommunities

By - December 19, 2003

I think it’d be cool if you could join a network of folks who read the same blog(s). I’ve always maintained that any good publishing effort understands and reflects its community – that it is both a mirror to the community members, and a window into that community for folks who are interested in joining or understanding that community. Conferences have always been a neat way for readers of a publication to meet each other, for example. Foo Camp was one of the first I’ve been to where “blog ecologies” ended up meeting FTF, and it was quite something to see how folks who’d been connected mainly by blogs ended up working together in real space.

So think if you could “see” all the other people who read this site each day (and who opt-in to be seen, of course) – and invite them into a LinkedIn like network if you wished to. I wonder if that’s in the cards for LinkedIn – to do vertical OEM stuff like that? Are there others working on stuff like this?
(Thanks for the meme, Matt…)

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6 thoughts on “LinkedIn+Vertical Blogs = Interesting Microcommunities

  1. Scott Rafer says:

    We’ve been wondering about this kind of thing. How would you like to see it organized? Should it include your personal info like LinkedIn or would you like Feedster to correlate between many, many uploaded OPML files regardless of whether people are actively using myFeedster? Is it important to separate data consumption behavior from defined social networks on a privacy basis and make it pure collaborative filtering wihout regard to relationships?

  2. I don’t think you need to do any personal data, that can come on the invite/response phase. I think it could be based on each individual blog. If you connect, then you could share other reading habits…

  3. tim says:

    I love this idea.

    I always wondered why there weren’t more web-based aggregators out there. Web-based always seemed easier to build than a client, and you open yourself up to the cool collaborative opps.

    I would imagine that you’d want to go pure collaborative filtering first, to create the largest possible consumption data set, then overlay some kind of relationship marker.

    This of course leads to the idea of creating a platform that connects all the diff social nets together. Why leave anyone out?

    Network effects do work better = worth more when more people are connected, no?

  4. Actually, people like are doing Tribe’s on

  5. Hey John –

    Although not tied to specific blogs (yet), there have been Blogger Meetups around the world since July 2002.

    Seattle, WA & Melbourne, Australia are tied for the #1 ranking blogger city, for holding the most monthly Blogger Meetups (17) .

    Blogger Meetups have occurred in 79 cities worldwide to date.

    Over 6,200 bloggers are signed up.



  6. Scott says:

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