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Google+Friendster+Plaxo = Eurekster

By - December 11, 2003

I’ve not fully grokked it yet, but here’s a new concept in search: Eurekster. From the site: “Eurekster uses the six-degrees of separation concept to learn from your extended network of contacts and deliver you prioritised results based on the success and proximity of the searches they have done.” The site is in beta and you need a password to get in, a friend who will remain anonymous gave me his. I signed up to be official, we’ll see if I get the nod.

Meanwhile, I see the folks behind this are RealContacts and SLI Systems. SLI is the tech that was behind Snap!, and survived it (and now powers some portions of the NBC webspace).

I can’t tell is this is simply silly – take the hottest stuff on the web right now and combine it! – or for real. More when I get smarter.

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2 thoughts on “Google+Friendster+Plaxo = Eurekster

  1. Peter says:

    I’ve started a blog on Eurekster.

  2. Andrew Wheeler says:

    Friendster is now using Eurekster…