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Wharton States the Obvious, Hopes For The Press

By - November 21, 2003

OK, this is just too much. A major, respected school of business issuing what amounts to a puff piece/PR gloss on Google, quoting professors from various branches of the school (legal, marketing, etc), who manage to say just about nothing new. They don’t even answer the question raised by the article’s headline (“What is Google Worth?”) What on earth are they doing? Why, riding the Google PR machine, of course. “Hey, here’s an idea! Let’s round up all our professors, have them say smart-sounding things about Google, then take credit for regurgitating old ideas!”
Hurray for bandwagonism. I’d wager the folks at Google are a bit embarrassed by this.
This piece at Cnet shows the school has been paying attention to the company for some time. Come on UPenn – if you are going to pick up the discussion, add to it at least, especially as an academic institution.

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