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This Month's Column Is Up

By - November 22, 2003

Here’s the 2.0 link, but you have to be a subscriber to get past the first page. So here it is as a pdf file (caveat: it will download when you click). I’m still working on putting my Biz 2.0 columns on this site in a more reader-friendly fashion…This month’s points to the idea (not really new now, but it felt more so six weeks ago when I wrote it) that the geeks behind the best innovations on the net are starting to get excited again over interesting problems that have Very Cool solutions, after two or so years of nuclear winter. Boing Boing points to another columnist who’s recently seen the same trend.

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One thought on “This Month's Column Is Up

  1. Scott Rafer says:

    I think that you are still pretty early with it. The PR services that solicit “experts” for journalists to interview are just now coming out with the “Is there another tech boom?” article summaries for other mainstream business monthlies. The feature pieces covering the same topic will be out in February issues on that schedule.