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Steven Johnson and Contextual Ads: Hold the Heroin

By - November 10, 2003

Steven Johnson , founder of Feed and author of Emergence and Interface Culture, also writes a blog about this, that and the other thing. He recently added Google’s AdSense contextual ads , a program I’ve applauded as darn near revolutionary in its ability to support micropublishing. But Steven has run into a problem. In his own words:

“Jesus, one lousy post about Rush Limbaugh and Courtney Love and every single GoogleAd on the front door is for heroin detox programs. Kind of a downer, no?
(Of course, by adding a new post with the phrase “heroin detox program” I’ve just made matters worse. Oops, did it again.)”

(For more, here’s the permalink.)

Steven also points to the ongoing problem of comment spam, which I’ve also been the victim of, even though this site is only a week or so old. F*ckers.

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3 thoughts on “Steven Johnson and Contextual Ads: Hold the Heroin

  1. tim says:

    good comment spam resource for MT.

    first, rename your comments and trackback scripts, and modify the appropriate lines in mt.cfg.

    then, install MT-Blacklist.

    There’s a lot of other fun stuff you can do as well – requiring more technical chops and access.

  2. Welch Tom says:

    We are the master of