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Online Ad Sales Booming (The Standard)

By - November 12, 2003


It gives me something of a thrill to reference The Standard in an article about booming online ad sales, and give credit to Matt McAllister, who runs Infoworld’s site and took over as a sidelight, as IDG was about to shut it down along with all of The archive is still not up, but Matt vows it will be, and the stories are all headline retreads from other IDG publications, but, there’s still a pulse there. Also, it’s really poignant to see contextual ads on the site, after all the dreaming I did of CRM doing – far too expensively – what contextual ads essentially can do now. Thanks Matt!

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2 thoughts on “Online Ad Sales Booming (The Standard)

  1. Sure enough, The Industry Standard is alive and well. Clearly, we have a lot of work to do, but there is no doubt that there are a lot of people who want more coverage of the Internet business. The Standard’s site traffic, newsletter list, registered list, and RSS feed are all proving that people are hungry and growing hungrier every day.

    We could use a few extra hands if anyone is interested in helping us uncover the potential here. Former staffers, dotcom bloggers and columnists, and other interested Internet pros, please contact me at if you want to get involved.

    – Matt

  2. Politiker says:

    It is just the beginning of what coming up next. In thse day you can buy textlink with pagerank or even sell your typein domains for a lot of money…we will see what comes up next!