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A Couple of Cultural Commentaries

By - November 26, 2003

I’m offline most of today, but enough folks have passed me these two sites as interesting cultural outgrowths of search that I’ll post them here for your review. The first, GoogleRace, plugs into the Google API and ranks each candidate by keyword searches. Some of the tops searches are “large penis” and “George Bush is going to lose”. (Thanks Kenny..)

Googlehouse, on the other hand, is more understated. This is an attempt to make a cultural commentary through images – the site polls the Google Image search database and pulls up images that fit various parts of an imaginary house. Click around a bit, if you’ve got the time. This kind of stuff usually pushes my MEGO button, but…give it a looksee. (Thanks Tim…)

And another note. Thanks to this blog, many readers are now starting to ping me with interesting stuff, tidbits, even insights for my book. I really appreciate and encourage this. I’m at, keep those cards and letters coming.

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