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Mining the Web for Marketing Intelligence

By - October 27, 2003

I had a good conversation with the CEO of Intelliseek today. His company specializes in mining business intelligence from the roar of commentary and speculation in blogs, usenet, and various other opinion sites. The company also can probe internal user behavior (ie mine data on how users use a particular site) to gain analytical insights. The upshot: a much higher velocity feedback loop between producers and consumers. Examples: Consumer feedback on movie trailers, new cars, mutual funds, etc. can quickly be rolled into revisions, new features, or competitive advantage. All this from intelligently searching through public webspace. I came away impressed. Watch this company.

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2 thoughts on “Mining the Web for Marketing Intelligence

  1. Interesting site; looks like Intelliseek is lots of good products.

    Apparently Google is also considering moving into this space. Just imagine the wealth of intelligence Google must already have on user behaviour!

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